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Sports Entertainment Print Collateral

The Coffman Company has extensive experience with the design, production and distribution of a variety of print collateral pieces for sports franchises. Follow the links to learn more about each category, and to see samples of work.

Early Renewal Pieces

When the stadium closes its doors at the end of the championship games, the ballpark may seem empty and inactive… but the truth is the absolute opposite. Filling the stadium with fans is an ongoing process that begins even before the end of the current season. As part of the sales process, Early Renewal Pieces that functioned as team branding collateral were designed and sent to season ticket holders with their annual billing statement. 

Ticket Package & Group Catalogs

Without a strong sales team, communities may not know how enjoyable the entertainment value at the ballpark may be. And a strong sales team needs a strong marketing product to use on sales calls or to invite conversation on a specific product.

Case Studies

Nothing sells a product better than a partner giving praise to an organization. To help share the story about the power of partnership and ballpark engagement, Case Studies were developed with some of the largest partners to highlight the benefits of being engaged in the local baseball club.

Internal Training Documents

When the seats are filled and partnerships signed, it is important to ensure that all components of the ballpark staff work together in unity to deliver unsurpassed customer service and quality ballpark service and entertainment. To help make that happen, a variety of internal training documents were created.

Annual Reports

At the end of the season, it is valuable to collect the season’s successes into a single document. Used for both historical reference and as a sales tool, Annual Reports capture the enthusiasm of the season and help to generate and build motion moving into future seasons.