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Early Renewal Pieces


When the stadium closes its doors at the end of the championship games, the ballpark may seem empty and inactive… but the truth is the absolute opposite. Filling the stadium with fans is an ongoing process that begins even before the end of the current season. As part of the sales process, Early Renewal Pieces that functioned as team branding collateral were designed and sent to season ticket holders with their annual billing statement. The collateral pieces were designed to remind season ticket holders of the family-oriented summer fun the ballpark provides, “closing the deal” as they submitted payment for reserved seating for the upcoming season.

Documents were created using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.

2010 Yankees and Dragons Early Renewal Pieces

Designed for style and efficiency, the Early Renewal Pieces for the Scranton Wilkes-Barry Yankees and Dayton Dragons and showcased the family-oriented atmosphere of the Mandalay Ballparks.


 2011 Dash Early Renewal Piece

A brand-new stadium ushered in the Winston-Salem Dash in 2010, and the early renewal piece for 2011 captured the momentum and energy of that first season. Featuring images capturing the family-oriented atmosphere from the inaugural year, the 2011 early renewal piece was designed to build excitement and grow the number of season ticket holders for the ballpark’s second year.