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Sports Entertainment Videos & Animations

Rules and Regulations Animations

Animated public informational pieces detailing the Rules and Regulations of various Minor League ballparks. Two goals were established for the creation of the productions: The first was to take information that ballparks were required to share at the head of every game, and turn the information into a fun, family-centric design piece that would capture the attention of fans during pre-game operations. The second was to have a pre-recorded segment available that could be played, allowing for flexibility in the announcer’s schedule during pregame operations.

Coaching Staff Profiles

As part of the goal to make pre-game operations entertaining, informational, and personable, a series of videos were designed around the Coaching Staff for the Dayton Dragons. Each video focused on an individual question – their greatest achievement, their greatest individual moment, their most embarrassing moment – to provide an opportunity for the fans to learn more about the team leading the Dragons into another sell-out season. 

Sponsor Advertising

Sponsor advertising at a sporting venue is as important, if not more, than the game itself.  Promoting sponsors throughout the stadium using their brand identities was made possible through Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator. Animations were designed to play on appropriately LED or LCD screens.